Will Tron’s Sun Network Help Correct the TRX Losses?


Critics say, looking at the history of Justin Sun’s promises, there’s a room for doubt towards the success of Sun network V1.0. However, it might open a new way for TRON if it performs flawlessly and as planned.

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On August 05, 2019, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron, announced the release of Sun network’s version 1.0. It’s however slated to August 10, 2019, but how well this turns to be an ultimate solution for TRX is the question.

Will Tron’s Sun Network Boost TRX?

The primary issue for any blockchain is “the scalability,” and many networks often fail to provide the promised high TPS (Transactions per second).

Tron’s new sun network version1.0 will go live soon on August 10, which is one of the most awaited plans to upgrade Tron‘s central network ecosystem. This Sun network is a scalability solution which will feature; Cross-chain communication, Dapp Chain (the smart contract app-oriented side chain), and other plans.

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According to Sun, the new network will make the existing blockchain more scalable. Notably, it will facilitate 100x scalable solutions meantime enable developers to build the decentralized applications (Dapps) on sidechains.

“DAppChain is a customizable side chain expansion project related to TRON smart contracts which allow DApps to run with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and high-efficiency online operation.”

Sun network will provide free transactions, Dapp support, 100 times meager fees, & faster confirmations for transactions. While smart contract features with longer execution time, Sun network with smart contract helps support the growing number of transactions.

The official website states that Sun Network backs Tron main network with unlimited capacity and support “the growing number of transactions” on the network.

Moreover, it boasts the ability that DappChain smart contract transactions will now be able to increase the transaction’s maximum execution by ten times or more from 50 ms, henceforth supporting intricate intelligent contract transactions.

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